Thursday, June 27, 2013

Song obession

Music is something special to me ! though i am a classical dancer i always wanted to learn carnatic music ! which i couldn't in my life time ! But i would love to sing ! Every day while working out at gym without music is track without train for me ! i love to hear good music !

The following songs are my obession !

Bhojam seya varungol - From bombay sisters !
Kurai ondrum illa - M.s subhalakshmi
Thilla - Aruna sairam master piece !
Vishama kara kannan - Aruna sai ram
Madu meikkum kanne - Aruna sai ram !
Hips do not lie - shakira !
Sita kalyanam - who ever sings !

the above are very very particular and close to my heart ! And i have listened n times ! My special favorite out of this is Bhojam seya varungol - From bombay sisters !

Every food blogger should listen this song they love it ! 

Posting this for 52 week of the project 2013


  1. Thumbs up to the bhojanam seiyya varungal - hearing it for the first time actually !

  2. Interesting list! I haven't heard of Bhojam Seiyya Varungol... Let me go and ask mom!!!!
    Important Update reg. Fashion Panache Blog

  3. Nice collection of songs. I love listening to Kurai ondrum illa by M.s subhalakshmi.

  4. very nice list of songs and such an lovely post :)


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