Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 20: What would you name your enterprise and why?

Well i wanted to start ashrams, old age home, trust hospital and of course restaurant ! I do not know which one i wll do it in my life ! Personally i like two things one is OLD AGE HOME AND RESTAURANT!

My restaurant should provide only healthy food , DO NOT HAVE SPACE FOR unhealthy food , like fried and calorie added items. I am a foodie and would love to try and taste many varieties ! But metabolism is very poor so i always restrict my self from eating !

so who ever comes to my restaurant ! they should be happy about eating not to count about their calorie !
would like to name it as " NO CALORIE Restaurant " ~

I do not know whether it is possible or not ! But i wanted that way !

When it comes OLD age , I am not here to blame and give lecture to any one ! Straight away to the name "WE ARE HERE ~~ HOMAGE"

It s part of writing for 52 week project 

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  1. Love ur idea of starting restaurant n home for old people n just love the names too... My wishes for u Aparna


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