Thursday, June 6, 2013

Back to Memories

I have so many memories :) What so special in the memories are when u talk about the things happened u still feel the same , got my point? yeah though i have so many memories only few took me back ! one of the thing happened yesterday night ! 

I generally enquired about the day and the activities to my husband ! while we were talking ! he was telling that his close friend believes in shiva and energy infact he has gone to the kumbamella ! The moment i asked him ! Rajesh next time when we go out we need to buy the serial cassette ! Remind me ! 

Aparna R u addict to serial? I said no ! then what s that all about? Do u know the thirrler serial Marmadesam? he said it was Chetan right? I told i am talking about the previous one Serial ! 
Marma Desam (Land of mystery )~ Ragasiyam(secret) !

Those who are not aware of this serial - a small recap ! 
it is a television serial directed by naga between 1997 -2001 it was huge success !  This story is about the mysteriously healing Navabhashanam Lingams of Lord Shiva.

It is one of the super hit Serial that time i was doing my  9th standard ! Every week i believe thursday night 8:30 - 9.00  they telecast this serial! it was the time that private channels got in to the picture and This serial took the channel to higher level ! 

Every week Thursday is special ! i finish off my home work before 7 and infact i finish my dinner ! waiting the clock to tick 8:30 ! One of the best story so far i have watched ! Nag directed it well! every time when they reveal the secret it was like finishing your entrance exam ! Though it is a decade the serial has special place in the industry ! 

Hoping to expect more thriller serial and asking all the small industry directors to put a pull stop for family story and love story ! you have many sujects apart from this ! 

The television series consisted of successive episodes of short stories dealing with supernatural occurrences. While the stories are purely fictitious, they explore some extant beliefs and real-life traditions.

  • Ragasiyam (Tamil: ரகசியம்) (English: The Secret) (Director: Naga) .. Explores the legend of the mysterious healing Nava bhashana lingam.
  • Vidāthu Karuppu (Tamil: விடாது கருப்பு) (English: Karuppu Never Relents) (Director: Naga).. Explores the legend of the Hindu village deity Karuppu Sami
  • Sorna Reghai (Tamil: சொர்ண ரேகை) (English: Golden palmlines)(Director: C.J.Bhaskar) .. Explores the field of palmistry.
  • Iyanthira Paravai (Tamil: இயந்திர பறவை) (English: The Mechanical Bird) (Director: C.J.Bhaskar).. Explores the practice of Varmakalai.
  • Edhuvum Nadakkum (Tamil: எதுவும் நடக்கும்) (English: Anything can happen) (Director: Naga)..Explores the legend of Kalpakavriksham and environment as a living entity.

I have watched the ragasiyam and vidathu karuppu part ! Do share your's if u have any memories ?


  1. Sema !!!!!

    My favourites were

    1) Captain Vyom
    2) Thu thu mein mein
    3) All the best
    4) Kolaiyudhir Kaalam (Where actor Vivekh will come)
    5) Marshall etc


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