Saturday, April 6, 2013

My First Flight Journey

Any thing First time is always special and Thrilled ! Be it first day of our School, First Exam in the Semester , First class in the Training Session, first day in the Office ! First Interview ! First Friend, First Love ! First Marriage :P !

So when u give me a topic of First time ! i would like to pick up my first Flight Journey ! Yeah this happened to me @ 2011 with the help of my husband :) esp first flight travel with him ! This was the first time we planned for vaccation after 7 years of our marriage !

It does not mean we have not been to anywhere ! we have been to many local places not like complete 6 days This time we have choosen to Travel Between Chennai TO Mumbai .. Though its a domestic travel It was one of my memorable experience in my life !

My parents are staying with my brother ! After my marriage i never been to my parents place just like that ! So we planned and we went to mumbai ! and had a great trip !

Before two weeks itself we were in shopping mood ! almost we bought everything from scratch , New travel bag , new pouch , new dress, new towels !  What not ? oops i missed my new Digital Camera ! it was long dream But we are still thinking why we havenot got it before? So because of the camera My cooking blog born

first flight journey know i was so curious to know how the take off wll be ! Basically i am a brave girl ! Husband is bit tensed though he travelled before height is a problem for him ! our flight timing is 5:15 in the evening so i booked the call taxi by 3.00 to be in advance of 2 hrs ! Call taxi reached our home !

I am just thinking thinking ! what i missed ? my mind says i have missed many things irrespective of 3 big luggage's for 2 person ! finally i pushed myself to the car ! happily journey started ! Reached the airport !

Did all formalities :) infact i was bit proud if u ppl would have noticed my face as if i am the Queen ! i was enjoying the Queue. Btw our flight got delayed of 30 minutes !

I enjoyed my muffins though it is not good  .Still we are in the mood of travelling ! so its time and heard the annouchement ! 5:50 we boarded on the flight and seated ! Me and my husband were laughing for nothing ! it shows our enjoyment and travel !

Slowly husband is bit tensed ! because two times he asked water ! And the air hostess had a weird look ! And he instructed me not to look outside while the flight is taking off ! i said please- if u want u do not look ~ Do not force me not to look  ! Aparna Pls ! i pleased him to close his eyes and do the rama jabam ! he was holding my hand as if first time Tight , infact i had a mark !

I love my husband  " SENSE OF HUMOR "  Yes to come out from his stressful profession , he crack so many jokes infact u wll get stomach Pain ! i could feel little jerk and flight TAKE OFF ! tada tada ! husband is saying " annachi , romba vegama otarenga appo appo kizha irakangrenga " It means u are riding very fast and sometimes u are coming down and taking up !

i am seeing outside ! " now i thought if we fall down how can we escape? GOD PLS IF at all something happens make sure we are falling in the SEA because i know swimming and i can make him to SWIM TOO " thats a random thought "

All thinking going on But slowly adopted to the journey ! Truely , i enjoyed the journey ! Rajesh ! i am travelling in flight ! thanks ! Asadu ! 

so we got some fried cashew for 200rs too expensive But its oke some thing to munch ! so again announcement and we reached mumbai ! its going to LAND , I am going to see As usual my boy closed his eyes ! landed :) MUMBAI i smelled the chaat items :)

So memories are part of our life :) we can cherish anytime :) Thanks to blogging world :) i am sure my journey got a place here! 


  1. hi there! "first time" here..on your "first time" post ..:). nice read. do drop by my space too when you get the time.

  2. Wonderful post! You've explained so well.. I felt as if I was with you throughout the journey... I'm a new blogger... Do visit my blog..

  3. God is love!

    Catholic blogwalking

  4. lovely post aparna...could visualize ur joy & humor in each line..:)
    Tasty Appetite


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