Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tender Coconut (Natures Gift )

Tender coconut . I clicked this image. One of the my favorite shot of mine . 

Tender coconut

Canon - 1200 d - with 18-55 kit lens used. Manual shot. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Few Wishes in my Life time

Yes i do have few wishes, which is not full filled yet. Surely i will do one fine day . following are few dreams,  wishes, bucket list everything... Rajesh be aware and start saving money for all those thing .
  • Reducing my weight and going back to old weight. Few may tell this is n't tough. but my point is it is tough when ur metabolism does not help u . And i am undergoing so many treatments for the fertility issues. So All my hormones have changed. So how much  ever i work, it takes too long to reduce my weight. reducing a kg and maintaining has become a big task for me. So i am waiting for my opportunity to come down and get back to shape . I knew this will happen one fine day . 
  • Scuba diving or snorkeling : Yes its is one of my life time wish to be under water and see the fish roaming and enjoy. i love swimming and learnt that too.  So it is my longest dream to visit water spot place and enjoy the snorkeling. 
  • Meeting writer Indira Soundarajan : Very recently i started a habit of reading books.Few of u knew that i am a  poor reader. i do not have patient to read the entire book. during my school days and college days, i never attempt to read novels. So after marriage to, i bought the da vinci code book, But i could not complete two pages. Later i completed the Two states book and How to come from XL to XS. One fine day , it is my sister who initiated that Ramani chandran books (tamil stories) are too good and quiet romantic too. Then i slowly started reading her books, and one day my mother gave me indira soundarajan book " Thoda thoda Thangam" book it was a lengthy story  holds 400 pages + or - . But u believe it or not  i completed the book in two days, Yes credit goes to the writer. Past eight months i have been reading his different books, i never felt its borring. some time i feel like the situation is happening around me . So many times i got  solution for my very own problems . Its my life time dream to meet him and take a photo with him and some autograph. And sincere prayer to GOD for his good health. 
  • Opening a Small Hotel (dhaba Style ): I am quite a north indian food lover. So my dhaba will have roti, naan, gravy, chaat ... dal variety.. Simple yet worth menu i should provide. And everything should be hot and hygienic too
  • Own a farm Land : Always i want to be a farmer. Yes whenever i visit my husband's native and their relative lands. I am happy and i could see my inner happiness. Its my dream to own a farm land and to plot so many veggies and greens, Enjoy every second on the land. 
  • To continue My Bharatanatiyam: Yes i am a profession classical dancer, i was learning the bharatnatiyam till my 10 th std Due to some other reason i quit dancing and concentrate on my other things.Now after marriage got family commitment i could not pursue , So i am just waiting for my turn to enjoy my passion back . 
  • Travel Travel Travel :  Need a long travel inside india as well as outside. Take a long break from routine. Enjoy the beauty natures and some selfie's :D 
Thats all now but i still have long queue which i will be making it as separate post  . As of now ;) bye 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Is diwali - An other Day ?

Well from my Title i am sure every body can predict what i am going to write? . Yes... its deepavali celebration  (actually its deepavali - 22nd oct 2014)  i have been analyzing about this function for the past 4 years, i find it as quite other day . Nothing comes in to my mind when i think of deepavali . There is no excitiment and happiness.

I wanted to know the reason . So i just went back to my memories and found how i celebrated the function when i was a kid.  before one week itself i keep asking amma what she is going to make ? how many sweets and savories. i use to tell her that i need a separate box for myself. (i am a murukku (savory) payithiyam (madness)).

Coming to dress part, i get only one dress that too a week or four days before. And i never show this to anyone till deepavali morning. how excitement it was ? i get all the matching accessories. and wait for the deepavali morning .

Next crackers, Use to trouble my father ..he will get me only the day before. That too for small amount , so i have to plan what all are the things i am going to get and i have to save few for karthikagai deepam function too. I have few friends and use to share the happiness so as crackers too.

So on diwali day my mother use to wake me up ( 3.00 am ) , first thing i have to do is brush the teeth and have some morning drinks, and i should burst some crackers (either kambimathapu or bushvanam) . Then come back and amma keep some nalangu and oil and i should take bath , and come back and get ashirvadam from my parents and wear the new dress and tada my celebration starts there.

But i feel the excitement and enthusiasm are less now a days .

1. Since i am getting my dress anytime. Getting new dress is not a big deal now a days . So i am not keen on wearing new dress on deepavali.
2. Since i am cooking and preparing sweets and savories, the health conscious makes me to think twice before i proceed some thing tasty. was wondering how our food habits were before infact i was healthy so as my family in spite of the regular systems we followed.
3. Is it me feeling or because of my husband (who s not fond of crackers) totally not interested in bursting crackers. Its been long time of getting crackers. May be we do not have kid that might be the one prime reason.

One thing i am happy was sharing sweets , i almost got more sweets and savories from my friends ,where as i could not give it back due to my madras eye problem. 

Whats your point on this?

Days will change

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Yamirukka Bayamen - Tamil Movie Review - Do Not See logic

Its been really long time of watching a good movie in tamil , i should blame my husband work time and stress... After pizza though there are few other good movie, nothing is close to my heart. So when i saw the yamirukka bayamen trailer, i told myself 100 times, Do not expect much, Because i got a nice slap for the Selva raghavan recent movie IRUNDAM ULLAGAM  So This time without much expectation i entered in to the theater and i enjoyed the movie as much as a pizza. infact i say it is equal or + 1 than pizza movie , My only suggestion is do watch it in the theater and esp night show with loads of friends. It is worth paying.

Yamirukka bayamen is a tamil horror + comedy  movie  Directed Deepak and it is his debut movie. And the Crew members are  Karunakaran, Kreshna, Oviya, Rupa Manjari And mayilsami. 

Positives : 

  • Music is scored by SN Prasad and he did the back ground too  . One of the best BGM for the Horror Movie and i loved the song " Vellai Pandhu " Its a slow melody cum romantic song, Seriously very pleasing music and so as direction .
  • Crew members, The main hero of this movie is Kreshna, karunakaran and ofcourse i should say comedian Mayilsamy did his performance very well . 
  • Initial part of the movie is kind of  thriller and the second part is horror + Comedy.. My point is both are very different plot, But director well managed the two plots in one track. 
  • Though certain places are horror , of course u smile at every end of the scene It is something very different in Tamil movie. 
  • Direction . definitely u wont feel like watching a debut director movie, he directed seriously well. 
  • Comedy well taken by the hero, karunakaran and surely mayilswamy 
Negatives ...

  • Oviya glamour, i do not think it is necessary , but still director wanted to please the audience , so as oviya. 
  • Inital  45 minutes i feel its kind of draggy ,  this  could have been avoided. 
  • There is no logic in the movie. 
Ratings : Worth watching inspite of no Logic. 4/5 

This is my own review, what ever i feel i am posting in my space, opinion differs ... 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Theater Day - Shanthi kamala Theater (thanjavur)

I born and Brought up in a small town Thanjavur (may be it would have become bigger now) . So going out and enjoying the travel is a rare thing for me, Yes, my father is kind of strict so i never went tour or outing, only for family function i have been out.

So watching movie at home is a greatest thing for me :D i enjoy a lot , that too if its favorite program or movie, i am double happy. But i do watch movies at theater :D i was allowed to watch with my mother. So yearly we watch 3 or 4 (rare one) movies in the theater. I preferably opt shanthi kamala theater. I have watched many movies in that theater , one of the famous theater and pretty good one in thanjavur town. Reason is

  1. The theater belongs to sivaji ganesan family (tamil film actor) and i personally like His son Prabhu a lot, so i feel happy about the theater. (not sure about this info- But people use to tell ) 
  2. I like  the theater samosa very much, esp the onion filled along with potato, and the size of the samosa is mini, so i use to get two packets, each packet will have 5 samosa's and enjoy the complete movie with that. 
  3. Near to this theater we can shop a lot and such a lively place, so once the movie is over i roam around the area and enjoy shopping, (thought i wont buy anything) 

I have watched many good tamil movies in this theater, only one time i was allowed to watch the movie with my friend (that too my father does not know)
Going to the theater is a big treat for me  :D now i can watch many movies with super duper theater, those my child hood theater cannot be compared .
When i think of this theater it brings lots of nostalgic memories in me. watched many super good films and enjoyed much with my mother. I believe the theater has developed now, Planning to visit the theater soon :D 

Picture has been taken from the theater website.I think now the name has been changed to GV studio. inking this post to the Cinema theater day contest 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Few Tamil movies Which cannot be Recreated - Thilana Mohanambal

Its been long time i touched this blog, I was kind of busy with my cooking blog, Though i wanted to pen down more, My cooking blog and other household is occupying my Day. So after long time i have come up with a wish ..which is 

There are Few Movies in Tamil cinema Which cannot be recreated , Yes it has still in people mind, Nothing can match with that, If at all you recreate you wont feel the success of the prior one. So i have got few Movies in my list , If u wish please share it with me , Would like to add it here.I will be sharing  one by one. 

Thilana Mohanambal: 
  • A classical bharathanatyam dancer and a nathaswaram player fall in love against the wishes of her family.This movie is about how they try to work things out and that hardships that they have to endure. Dance and music are used as an integral part of the story rather than a pastime (source IMBD)

  • One of the epic movie in the tamil industry , Every plot in the movie is damm good. Yes right from the song to final end, You cannot take off your eyes, Each and every actor did their job perfectly. It was directed by A.P nagarajan at the year of 1968. The movie is based on some tamil novel written by Kothamangalam Subbu. It was commerical hit in the tamil industry. 

  • It is also received a national award at the year, 1969. 

  • The Main cast in the movie is Sivaji ganesan and Padmini , both are classical trained in the Nadhaswaram and Bharatanatiyam, And the love story between them . 

  • Apart from the Main cast, There are other sub actor and actress who put their complete effort to bring the movie dam good, Balaiya for his known comedy and so as Manorama for her innocent acting. And a unexpected dance was one of the highlight of the movie. 

  • There is a train scene in this movie , Where Balaiah  and saroja have done a great acting & it is   one of the best plot in the movie
I am sure this movie cannot be recreated as such , Because it has got his own place in the industry. 

{Img courtesy - } 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Theme for Week 46 - What names (men's and women's) do you like best? Why?

This is one of my favorite topic so far. And Thanks to admin for choosing this topic..

Names are attractive always, I loved my Name very much, I feel proud inside to me every time when some one calls me , Do not know why , And Came to know it is the name lord Paravathy. She was in fasting for some reason,  So she had only Dried leaves, In sanskrit, for leaves its " PARNA" since she had Dried Leaves, 
it is " A PARNA" . This is what i heard. (NOT SURE about the story, But sure it belongs to Paravathy name)

Next to my name, I love the Name " Sagarika " , I studied Sanskrit from my 6th std, So i knew few sanskrit stories, first i heard this name through my sanskrit Sir, It was very catchy, but i didn't give much importance, then one fine day me and my husband were discussing about the catchy names, automatically this name comes, Husband also hearing it for first time, So we thought we should keep this name for our baby, we yet to have , Once we get if it is baby girl its going to be "SAGARIKA" 

Ratnavalli is a sanskrit drama story written by Sri Harsa, very beautiful story, where the queen name is Sagarika and also there is one bird which talk , it is also named as Sagarika, the story ends with some magical illusion, very lengthy and great story, Inspired the name from this story. 

P.S:  Who ever has name Aparna, I naturally inspired them a lot, Thats why i have a big crush on @Aparna Balasubramaniam (:P sorry aparna if u do not like this )