Friday, April 5, 2013

My favourite Things

Thats a huge to respond :) But i can filter the important one ! My list goes !

  • I am a bharathanatya Dancer :) wish i want a baby girl and would like to dance with her ! (BTW i yet to have a kid)
  • Most of you know i am a food blogger :) But still i want some Vegetable briyani , paneer recipe and curd rice :)Some raitha along with chips :) prepared and serve by my HUSBAND 
  • A long walk on the Beach Road with Him ! 
  • Wish to travel in flight OFTEN 
  • one day full of shopping and eating(exploring food) in other countries ! 
  • i am a Swimmer too ! wish to Swim Every day ! :) i am a water Devil ! 
  • I always wanted to learn Hindi language never know why it is not my cup of TEA," Bath karne koo thoda thoda atha hai "
  • Would like to watch the crime movie or treasure hunt movie in saturday night (happened only once -want to watch more time)
  • I want to learn Photography ~ esp Food styling :) ( want to beat aparna Balasubramaniam :P)
  • Wish to taste Calcutta pani poori ! 
  • I want to be a lecturer :) so that i can always say i am going to college:)
  • Cycle ride with my Grandfather (infact i have not seen them in my life time )
  • last but not least ! whatever i eat i should not put weight ! i have seen so many people taking beyond their limit ! still they look lean i know its metabolism :) i have poor metabolism :) and i am a great foodie ! 
I have lots to write :) it is just a random post could have done it better :)


  1. LOL at your reason for wanting to be a lecturer. Nice one.

  2. Nice to know more about you. Happy Tamil New Year to you and your family


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