Friday, March 29, 2013

Where are we?

I had a General discussion with my Friends ! While discussing I told them i had an idea ! whenever u are celebrating your kids b'day  , Pl ask the visitors not to bring Any GIFT instead you can keep some Hundi BOX , if they wish they can contribute their part and u can handed over the money to some ASHRAM.

All disagreed as their kids cannot accept if people did not Bring any b'day gift ! Agree Because they are kids ! they have expectation ! they do not know what is good ? and what is bad? ! Def they feel bad if some one not giving gift to them !

Leave all part , the following is my own opinion ! NO OFFENCE MEANT!

* i yet to bless with baby's so my opinion may not be perfect , it is just a thought !

As a parent Cannot we change their mind slowly? if not this b'day may be next b'day they can think it off? right? it wont required much Year ! how are they growing ? by seeing and learning  .  If u do i am sure at least three of your friends w'll follow ! so it goes! !!!!!!

We always feel we grow up our kid better than our parents if that is the case we can make this too ! Share your idea guys !

Idea1 : 

Instead of other buying a gift for your kid , U buy some 3 to 4 gift and wrap it ! Tell your kids that they w'll get 4 gift at the end of b'day i am sure we can make them !

Random Thought 

I have strong dis agreement towards parents who says " i struggled a lot so i do not want my Kids too" Sooner or later u daughter or son does not know what is failure? later they cannot digest, def they wll face one day because its a competitive world  ! u w'll fall in trouble ! U are there to safeguard them But do not tell them u are holding the ROPE 


AparnaRajeshkumar ! 


  1. is our Indian tradition to do some daanam on our birthday,like anna daanam or vastra daanam.Parents should make their children to do it on their birthdays instead of throwing some parties.

    1. But this system has gone i believe ! I am not Talking about exceptions ! Now parents feel that they do not want to child get disappointments ! Agree not for small pin and scale know ! I feel bad of seeing those parents ! Since i do not have kid i cannot comment !

  2. Nice post. Really thought Provoking. best part of it is putting the onus on the parents. Your child will become what you teach.
    Really liked this


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