Thursday, July 11, 2013

Books i read So far ~

Right from my birth i am very poor in reading novels and other books :) Now i feel bad what i missed in my life ! 

But i love collecting books ! My first book was Da Vinci code ! where us i first watched the movie and fallen in love with the movie so watched minimum of 10 times then when i was roaming Tnagar ! i caught an eye on this book ! I told my husband i want this book ! he said u watched the movie so it won't be that interesting ! Who listen husbands word? So purposely forced him to buy the book ! its lying on the cupboard i hardly completed two pages ! 

Later When i was in weight reduction (still i am in ) I came to know about Piyal gadwani's How to come from XL to XS :) the only book which i completed so far! Wonderful book ,as i said i am a poor reader but i completed this because of the content and more information and few celebrity pictures ! To motivate yourself definitely you should buy this book i strongly recommend it ! 

Once i completed this book , then i got " Do not loose your mind loose your weight " Rujetha diwakar , who is s nutritionist come dietitian! i went through the book :) didn't complete it ! 

Later i got a Chetan bhagat Two states way to go bhai ! lovely story though certain information are beyond the limit i loved reading every bit of line ! because mine is also love marriage ! 

whenever i go out i collect some books too ! but i yet to read it ! Need to make it as a habit ! 


  1. Interesting list of books. I've read all the books of Dan Brown. It was my art history teacher who told me to read Da Vinci code, coz of the French art and architecture dealt in the book. After I read that, I had to read the rest of his books. They're so compelling!!!! :)
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  2. well same here..i collect books, but never have finished even 1.

  3. Even I am a poor reader. But I have finished reading all the ones you have mentioned here :) happa :))..rujutha's is really a practical one..and chetans two states is a light read..
    Da vinci takes some time...

  4. Your writing skill is so good! I have read the last 2 books you have mentioned. i was laughing non-stop, when the kaasi yatra was narrated. waiting to watch the movie now..


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