Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Few Tamil movies Which cannot be Recreated - Thilana Mohanambal

Its been long time i touched this blog, I was kind of busy with my cooking blog, Though i wanted to pen down more, My cooking blog and other household is occupying my Day. So after long time i have come up with a wish ..which is 

There are Few Movies in Tamil cinema Which cannot be recreated , Yes it has still in people mind, Nothing can match with that, If at all you recreate you wont feel the success of the prior one. So i have got few Movies in my list , If u wish please share it with me , Would like to add it here.I will be sharing  one by one. 

Thilana Mohanambal: 
  • A classical bharathanatyam dancer and a nathaswaram player fall in love against the wishes of her family.This movie is about how they try to work things out and that hardships that they have to endure. Dance and music are used as an integral part of the story rather than a pastime (source IMBD)

  • One of the epic movie in the tamil industry , Every plot in the movie is damm good. Yes right from the song to final end, You cannot take off your eyes, Each and every actor did their job perfectly. It was directed by A.P nagarajan at the year of 1968. The movie is based on some tamil novel written by Kothamangalam Subbu. It was commerical hit in the tamil industry. 

  • It is also received a national award at the year, 1969. 

  • The Main cast in the movie is Sivaji ganesan and Padmini , both are classical trained in the Nadhaswaram and Bharatanatiyam, And the love story between them . 

  • Apart from the Main cast, There are other sub actor and actress who put their complete effort to bring the movie dam good, Balaiya for his known comedy and so as Manorama for her innocent acting. And a unexpected dance was one of the highlight of the movie. 

  • There is a train scene in this movie , Where Balaiah  and saroja have done a great acting & it is   one of the best plot in the movie
I am sure this movie cannot be recreated as such , Because it has got his own place in the industry. 

{Img courtesy - www.dussan-goldstar.com } 


  1. Perfectly said.... Even I feel movies like thiruvilayadal cannot be made... 😊

  2. We never expect such master classic movies from the present directors. They are master pieces from the old directors.

    Happy Diwali wishes to you, to your family members and friends. Best wishes for your efforts.

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