Thursday, April 17, 2014

Theater Day - Shanthi kamala Theater (thanjavur)

I born and Brought up in a small town Thanjavur (may be it would have become bigger now) . So going out and enjoying the travel is a rare thing for me, Yes, my father is kind of strict so i never went tour or outing, only for family function i have been out.

So watching movie at home is a greatest thing for me :D i enjoy a lot , that too if its favorite program or movie, i am double happy. But i do watch movies at theater :D i was allowed to watch with my mother. So yearly we watch 3 or 4 (rare one) movies in the theater. I preferably opt shanthi kamala theater. I have watched many movies in that theater , one of the famous theater and pretty good one in thanjavur town. Reason is

  1. The theater belongs to sivaji ganesan family (tamil film actor) and i personally like His son Prabhu a lot, so i feel happy about the theater. (not sure about this info- But people use to tell ) 
  2. I like  the theater samosa very much, esp the onion filled along with potato, and the size of the samosa is mini, so i use to get two packets, each packet will have 5 samosa's and enjoy the complete movie with that. 
  3. Near to this theater we can shop a lot and such a lively place, so once the movie is over i roam around the area and enjoy shopping, (thought i wont buy anything) 

I have watched many good tamil movies in this theater, only one time i was allowed to watch the movie with my friend (that too my father does not know)
Going to the theater is a big treat for me  :D now i can watch many movies with super duper theater, those my child hood theater cannot be compared .
When i think of this theater it brings lots of nostalgic memories in me. watched many super good films and enjoyed much with my mother. I believe the theater has developed now, Planning to visit the theater soon :D 

Picture has been taken from the theater website.I think now the name has been changed to GV studio. inking this post to the Cinema theater day contest 

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