Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Theme for Week 46 - What names (men's and women's) do you like best? Why?

This is one of my favorite topic so far. And Thanks to admin for choosing this topic..

Names are attractive always, I loved my Name very much, I feel proud inside to me every time when some one calls me , Do not know why , And Came to know it is the name lord Paravathy. She was in fasting for some reason,  So she had only Dried leaves, In sanskrit, for leaves its " PARNA" since she had Dried Leaves, 
it is " A PARNA" . This is what i heard. (NOT SURE about the story, But sure it belongs to Paravathy name)

Next to my name, I love the Name " Sagarika " , I studied Sanskrit from my 6th std, So i knew few sanskrit stories, first i heard this name through my sanskrit Sir, It was very catchy, but i didn't give much importance, then one fine day me and my husband were discussing about the catchy names, automatically this name comes, Husband also hearing it for first time, So we thought we should keep this name for our baby, we yet to have , Once we get if it is baby girl its going to be "SAGARIKA" 

Ratnavalli is a sanskrit drama story written by Sri Harsa, very beautiful story, where the queen name is Sagarika and also there is one bird which talk , it is also named as Sagarika, the story ends with some magical illusion, very lengthy and great story, Inspired the name from this story. 

P.S:  Who ever has name Aparna, I naturally inspired them a lot, Thats why i have a big crush on @Aparna Balasubramaniam (:P sorry aparna if u do not like this ) 



  1. interesting..well..its nice to say that our names do hold a meaning..is it not..:). Can count me in too...named Sona..hee hee . Hadn't been to blogsphere for some time. Hope you doing well...keep in touch

  2. Hey.. yes Aparna is Goddess Parvathy's name. The story my Grandpa told me is this. Parvathy was angry with lord Shiva and took up a Tapsaya.. It is during this tapasya she got this name 'APARNA' - meaning A-one , PAR - leaf , NA - no or not... she did not even eat a leaf during the course of the tapasya.. well, my name is Aparna too..


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