Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 43: A few instances when I behaved very unlike myself

Instant 1: 

Whenever i fight with him, it is truly very unlike me, Basically  i wont hurt anyone unless or until they pull me When it comes him, i do not mind shouting, and scolding, I do not even give him a choice. some times i wait for the opportunity to knock him down . Later i feel bad, But at that moment i behave very unlike me.

Instant 2: 

I can adjust anywhere, irrespective of their food or place , I can survive But only thing which bothers me , Very few people prepare good coffee. so whenever we go out for relative or friends house, we say we do not take coffee, it is very unlike (being a great coffee lover)

The Reason why we are not opting , the coffee always smell with milk as dominant, perhaps we want the coffee powder dominant, - only in a very few place i tasted the coffee otherwise we generally do not take coffee outside, Saravana bhavan is exceptional .

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