Friday, September 27, 2013

How i embrassed Myself?

After i written my 12th std board examination. I knew that i wont score Much.Except Computer science,So i intimated my parents that i am not going to meet your expectation , sorry for everything. Even my parents didn't say anything (so far) , Once my result came i have scored 764 (very poor performance) out of 1200  where as my highest score is 180 in CS.

whenever some one inquired me about my 12th std score , it seriously embarrassed me :(  I knew i have not scored much ,but  it is such a difficult one to tell my score. So i planned to tell My marks in Percentage, 63% sounds better than score right?
I feel this is the most awkward moment in my life !

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  1. Hello aparna, You have a nice blog.. I can totally understand ur feelings.. I have also experienced the same in my 10th Std.. I scored very less.. I dont understand why people are so concerned about scores still :P It's irritating


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