Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Few Wishes in my Life time

Yes i do have few wishes, which is not full filled yet. Surely i will do one fine day . following are few dreams,  wishes, bucket list everything... Rajesh be aware and start saving money for all those thing .
  • Reducing my weight and going back to old weight. Few may tell this is n't tough. but my point is it is tough when ur metabolism does not help u . And i am undergoing so many treatments for the fertility issues. So All my hormones have changed. So how much  ever i work, it takes too long to reduce my weight. reducing a kg and maintaining has become a big task for me. So i am waiting for my opportunity to come down and get back to shape . I knew this will happen one fine day . 
  • Scuba diving or snorkeling : Yes its is one of my life time wish to be under water and see the fish roaming and enjoy. i love swimming and learnt that too.  So it is my longest dream to visit water spot place and enjoy the snorkeling. 
  • Meeting writer Indira Soundarajan : Very recently i started a habit of reading books.Few of u knew that i am a  poor reader. i do not have patient to read the entire book. during my school days and college days, i never attempt to read novels. So after marriage to, i bought the da vinci code book, But i could not complete two pages. Later i completed the Two states book and How to come from XL to XS. One fine day , it is my sister who initiated that Ramani chandran books (tamil stories) are too good and quiet romantic too. Then i slowly started reading her books, and one day my mother gave me indira soundarajan book " Thoda thoda Thangam" book it was a lengthy story  holds 400 pages + or - . But u believe it or not  i completed the book in two days, Yes credit goes to the writer. Past eight months i have been reading his different books, i never felt its borring. some time i feel like the situation is happening around me . So many times i got  solution for my very own problems . Its my life time dream to meet him and take a photo with him and some autograph. And sincere prayer to GOD for his good health. 
  • Opening a Small Hotel (dhaba Style ): I am quite a north indian food lover. So my dhaba will have roti, naan, gravy, chaat ... dal variety.. Simple yet worth menu i should provide. And everything should be hot and hygienic too
  • Own a farm Land : Always i want to be a farmer. Yes whenever i visit my husband's native and their relative lands. I am happy and i could see my inner happiness. Its my dream to own a farm land and to plot so many veggies and greens, Enjoy every second on the land. 
  • To continue My Bharatanatiyam: Yes i am a profession classical dancer, i was learning the bharatnatiyam till my 10 th std Due to some other reason i quit dancing and concentrate on my other things.Now after marriage got family commitment i could not pursue , So i am just waiting for my turn to enjoy my passion back . 
  • Travel Travel Travel :  Need a long travel inside india as well as outside. Take a long break from routine. Enjoy the beauty natures and some selfie's :D 
Thats all now but i still have long queue which i will be making it as separate post  . As of now ;) bye 


  1. Hi Aparna ji,

    May God bless you with the strength, good health and patience to fulfill all your wishes.

    Kanavu Mei Pada Vendum :)


  2. wishing you loads of health, wealth & success always.:)


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