Monday, October 27, 2014

Is diwali - An other Day ?

Well from my Title i am sure every body can predict what i am going to write? . Yes... its deepavali celebration  (actually its deepavali - 22nd oct 2014)  i have been analyzing about this function for the past 4 years, i find it as quite other day . Nothing comes in to my mind when i think of deepavali . There is no excitiment and happiness.

I wanted to know the reason . So i just went back to my memories and found how i celebrated the function when i was a kid.  before one week itself i keep asking amma what she is going to make ? how many sweets and savories. i use to tell her that i need a separate box for myself. (i am a murukku (savory) payithiyam (madness)).

Coming to dress part, i get only one dress that too a week or four days before. And i never show this to anyone till deepavali morning. how excitement it was ? i get all the matching accessories. and wait for the deepavali morning .

Next crackers, Use to trouble my father ..he will get me only the day before. That too for small amount , so i have to plan what all are the things i am going to get and i have to save few for karthikagai deepam function too. I have few friends and use to share the happiness so as crackers too.

So on diwali day my mother use to wake me up ( 3.00 am ) , first thing i have to do is brush the teeth and have some morning drinks, and i should burst some crackers (either kambimathapu or bushvanam) . Then come back and amma keep some nalangu and oil and i should take bath , and come back and get ashirvadam from my parents and wear the new dress and tada my celebration starts there.

But i feel the excitement and enthusiasm are less now a days .

1. Since i am getting my dress anytime. Getting new dress is not a big deal now a days . So i am not keen on wearing new dress on deepavali.
2. Since i am cooking and preparing sweets and savories, the health conscious makes me to think twice before i proceed some thing tasty. was wondering how our food habits were before infact i was healthy so as my family in spite of the regular systems we followed.
3. Is it me feeling or because of my husband (who s not fond of crackers) totally not interested in bursting crackers. Its been long time of getting crackers. May be we do not have kid that might be the one prime reason.

One thing i am happy was sharing sweets , i almost got more sweets and savories from my friends ,where as i could not give it back due to my madras eye problem. 

Whats your point on this?

Days will change


  1. For some reason, I stopped crackers some years back (no not because of environment..), but my "pakathu veetu" uncle, whose age is 40-ish bursts crackers enthusiastically. That too from morning to night, wonder whats driving him nuts, may be his wife :-)!!

  2. S ur right,happiness is reducing now a days


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